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iOS Development With Ruby Motion

I’ve been building an iOS app with RubyMotion for a while now, and the verdict is…

I’m in love with RubyMotion.

Here’s why:

  • Ruby syntax runs circles around Objective-C syntax. If you’ve used Ruby and Objective-C for anything significant, and you’re not a masochist, then you know what I’m talking about.
  • It already has some amazing libraries like Teacup, BubbleWrap, and Formotion.
  • Building and deploying is a cinch with Rake. There’s even a testflight gem.
  • Bundler and CocoaPods for dependency management.
  • The REPL. I actually haven’t found this that big of a deal, but it can come in handy now and then.
  • I can continue using a text editor (vim or Sublime Text) instead of that hog called Xcode.
  • Really small archives.
  • The only (minor) downside so far has been occasionally translating example Objective-C code to RubyMotion code from Apple’s docs and Stack Overflow.