Dave Rapin

Mobile and Web Development

Learning VIM... Finally!

I had the opportunity to work with a bunch of TDD vim hackers during the last 4-5 months over at Nulogy, and after some initial resistance I decided to jump in and learn vim. My motivation is to really see if it lives up to the hype, and more importantly because it’ll make me look like a genius to the layman watching my screen (I.e. Gary Bernhardt).

I’ve tackled vim a few times over the years, but never fully committed to it. Since I believe you need to fully commit to something to do it well (including learning anything), I decided to pick up my touch typing first to really see the benefits of VIM.

Last week I achieved my typing goal of 75 words per minute, inspiration courtesy of Steve Yegge. I’ve since upped my goal to 90 wpm, but I think I’m at least quick enough now to really immerse myself into learning vim.

I’m starting with Peepcode’s Smash Into Vim, this Yehuda post, and of course the built in vim tutor.

Rock on!